CMG Media Kit - 08-8-2014

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CMG has appeared in various industry media outlets including Investor’s Business Daily, Barron’s, InvestmentNews and the Wall Street Journal. We invite you to check out the CMG Media Kit. This piece highlights some of the appearances we’ve made this year and is a great tool to help your clients learn more about CMG.


WSJ Live: Markets Consider Fed’s Interest-Rate Increase - 02-21-2014

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February 20, 2014 Steve joined Paul Vigna on WSJ Live’s Money Beat to discuss the Fed’s talks of potentially moving up the timeline for raising interest rates. What can investors do? Check out the video.

g greenberg

Steve on - 02-20-2014

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“Don’t Trust the Traditional 60/40 Split” Steve joined Gregg Greenberg at once again for a discussion on the overvaluation of the market after last year’s rally and how to optimize a portfolio allocation despite these ever-changing market conditions. To see the interview on, click here.


WSJ: Fear of Market Risk Ebbs Post-Crisis - 02-12-2014

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February 7, 2014 By Daisy Maxey Excerpt: Many high-net-worth investors see recent stock declines as a buying opportunity thanks to lessons learned from the market implosion of 2008-2009. The financial crisis left wealthy investors with a better understanding of risk and of the importance of liquidity, financial advisers say. – Stephen Blumenthal, chief executive of […]


Investor’s Business Daily: Best ETFs For 2014 - 12-30-2013

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Best ETFs For 2014: 9 Picks From 9 Strategists December 26, 2013 By Trang Ho Investor’s Business Daily asked several investment strategists to share their one best ETF that investors should consider buying for 2014. Steve picked ProShares Ultra Short Yen (YCS) as the ETF with the most upside potential over the next several years. Read more about […]


Barron’s: Emerging Markets Daily - 11-25-2013

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Barron’s reporter, Shuli Ren poses the question “How Much Weight Should EMs Have In Your Portfolio?” She spoke with Steve to talk about exposure in Emerging Markets and whether or not the MSCI ACWI’s 8% exposure is enough. To read the article on Barron’s, click here.


Investment News Article: Steve on High Yield Fixed Income - 10-24-2013

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“For near-term boost, go with high-yield fixed income” By Jeff Benjamin Excerpt: “Yes, high yield is attractive right now, but there are also significant risks when your starting point is low interest rates and narrow spreads,” said Steve Blumenthal, chief executive of CMG Capital Management Group Inc., a firm that helps advisers manage bond portfolios. […]


WSJ Voices: Steve Blumenthal, on Talking to Clients About Benchmarks - 10-15-2013

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In last week’s Wall Street Journal Voices column, Steve discussed benchmarks and how to have a conversation with your client that sets proper expectations for portfolio returns relative to benchmarks. Excerpt: As human beings we’re competitive and we want what’s best. So when clients see the S&P outperforming their portfolio they want to know what […]

bb radio

Steve on Bloomberg Radio - 09-30-2013

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Click here to listen to Steve’s interview on Taking Stock with Pimm Fox & Carol Masser on Friday. He touches on high valuation in the markets, expected forward returns and why it’s important to set proper expectations in today’s market environment.


Steve visits - 09-30-2013

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“Japanese Yen Still a Clear Short” - Emerging market stocks are cheap buys following the summer’s sell-off  but investors should short the Yen, says Steve. Click here to take a look at the full clip from Steve’s conversation with Gregg Greenberg of on September 27.


Financial Advisor IQ – It’s Time to Enhance Modern Portfolio Theory - 09-3-2013

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By Steve Blumenthal August 29, 2013 Following is an excerpt from the piece that highlights the issues MPT is facing today: The conversation you should have with your clients is not that modern portfolio theory (MPT) is wrong, rather that it’s time to question whether 60/40 remains the best way to optimize the risk-reward relationship. […]


Steve in the WSJ - 08-22-2013

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August 21, 2013: “[Retail] investors are behaviorally doing the exact opposite of what they should be doing,” said Steve Blumenthal, whose advisory firm manages $550 million for investment advisers and retail clients. “Emerging markets have perhaps the best valuation level of any of the markets, but they’re in a selloff.” Full article titled “Mom-and-Pop Investors […]

Fox Bus

Steve on Fox Business: After the Bell - 07-1-2013

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Steve joined David Asman and Liz Claman on After the Bell to talk about modernizing portfolio allocations.

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FA mag

Financial Advisor: The New Modern Portfolio Theory - 06-17-2013

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FA Magazine’s Expert Views section featured an article written by Steve. In the piece, he details his views on the new Modern Portfolio Theory and how to build a truly balanced portfolio in today’s economic climate.

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Pimm Fox

Steve on Bloomberg Radio - 06-6-2013

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Steve joined Pimm Fox for his radio show on Bloomberg Radio “Taking Stock”.

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